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Conference 28th & 29th October 2017
Workshops 30th & 31st October 2017

20 Stuart St, Tweed Heads NSW 2485

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Deby Atterby / Aromatherapy Today

We invite you to this very special eventful weekend.
Be inspired by overseas and Australian speakers.
Educating you with the most up-to-date
in the Aromatic World.

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Greg Trevena: From Essentially Australia

Topic: He will present a new Australian essential oil of 2017

Greg Trevena founded Essentially Australia, a company specialising entirely in Australian native essential oils for the retail market. He bases himself and his business in a place renowned for natural beauty, wholistic medicine and healing, Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly town.

His company has the most extensive range of native Australian essential oils. He has also written a book called ‘A Guide to Australian Native Essential Oils’. He has produced videos on native plants and their essential oils.

Greg gained a Bachelor of Business at the University of South Australia, he then discovered a meaningful passion for Australia’s native plants in the early 1990’s. Greg previously created and operated Refreshed Lemon Myrtle, a wholesale and retail business in Byron Bay from 1999 until he sold in late 2009. Greg’s Lemon Myrtle business included a shareholder, whose family is acknowledged with establishing Tea Tree essential oil around the world.


Lise Racine:

TopicHow calendula officinalis assists skin repair

 Lise was born in Québec, Canada and came to Australia in 1989.  She holds a degree in nursing and has worked on public health research projects before exploring natural health. 

In 1991 she gave birth to the first of her four daughters which she has cared for naturally.

She is a qualified traditional herbalist as well as a craniosacral therapy practitioner and is now pursuing advanced study in herbalism.

Lise gives private consultation where she uses medicinal herbs, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle as the main tools in her practice.

Since 2007 she created a calendula based skincare range called “The Herbal Gardener”.

The cultivation of the calendula flower is done on her property in Tallebudgera and is certified Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic.

Ron Guba: 

Topic: Potent Extracts for the Practice of Aromatic Medicine

Supercritical and liquid carbon dioxide extraction creates very pure aromatic extracts which are more true to the original plant than steam distilled essential oils.

A variety of carbon dioxide extracts are excellent for therapeutic use in both ingested and topical preparations and can be superior to the steam distilled essential oil.

In this presentation we will consider:

  • Supercritical fluid extraction – development and principles of operation.
  • Carbon dioxide extracts as compared to distilled essential oils and solvent extracted absolutes – differences in composition and therapeutic activity.
  • Carbon dioxide extracts with unique therapeutic benefits, such as Commiphora mukmul, German Chamomile, Ginger, Schisandra, Rosemary, Hypericum and more.
  • Safety in use – food & flavour use as compared to therapeutic dosages.

We will enjoy sampling of a wide selection of carbon dioxide extracts.


 Alora Waldron:

Topic: Renew & detox yourself through intermittent fasting & cutting edge new redox science – supporting cellular communication & regeneration - cellular rejuvenation & optimal health from the inside out and outside in.

Alora has been passionately involved in the Health & Wellness industry working professionally as a Natural therapist, teacher, trainer, coach, counsellor, promoter and event co-ordinator for over 35 years, working in the areas of wholistic health, Nutrition, Iridology, Swedish, Therapeutic, Reflexology Remedial massage, sports injury & various other soft and deep tissue modalities. Plus Body Harmony, Polarity therapy, Energy balancing, Colour therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, meditation, creative visualisation and more.

Her interest in cellular health, organics and the healing arts has her creatively weaving together a tapestry of complementary skills and expertise offering empowering education and information covering topics related to Mind, Body and Spirit. She has trained and has worked in areas as a crisis counsellor, a soul voice practitioner, working with body based psychotherapy, transformational coaching. Virtues program facilitator. As a certified soul voice practitioner she teaches and gives sessions for pain relief, harmonizing and awakening you to your own voice as well as empowering you through specific sound frequencies that are effective for relieving discomforts in the body mind spirit. Strengthening enhanced communication, self esteem, self love and confidence.

As a certified m-bit / m-brain coach she offers sessions working with the 3 main intelligences of our heart, head and gut brains creating congruence, coherence and alignment on life matters in a profound way. She works as a intuitive hands on healer and gives life readings and mentoring sessions, she is an Organic and Natural living lifestyle consultant, nutritionist, remedial therapist which all gets integrated into her transformational tailored intuitive sessions and retreats.

She incorporates accelerated learning techniques into her educational seminars, talks, healthy lifestyle kitchen makeover sessions and loves networking in community, team building and causing leadership and realised at an early age that “I can get paid to do what I love”. This came whilst being employed full time working as a Health practitioner and leading groups at one of Australia’s leading Health Farms. From this experience of working in alignment with her passion and love for people, nature and wholistic health she naturally took this criteria into all future work that she applied herself too.

Alora gives an informative Organic Healthy Lifestyle & Cellular health talk covering health from the outside in and inside out covering the latest in medical and scientific breakthroughs on the cellular level with redox signalling molecules and how to get more of these native elements into our bodies.

Karmina Gordon Adv Dip Herbal Medicine : From Natures Healing Garden.

Topic: Case studies, tools and treatments which have helped my clients support effective change in their lives.

I am passionate about the importance of supporting Body, Mind and Spirit with Gentle Natural Treatments. I use herbal teas, flower essences, herbal extracts and aromatic remedies while being able to offer useful suggestions that can help a person to bring some balance back into their life to support long term health and wellbeing.

I find that connection to nature through gardening, being in natural spaces or using self made natural products, is one of the most useful ways I can help my clients.

I love working with my clients to show them ways to make their own natural help products. The sense of empowerment which this gives is vital in assisting them make lasting beneficial changes.

I would love to share some of the case studies, tools and treatments which have helped my clients support effective change in their lives.

Karmina is a Herbalist, Naturopath, Kinesiologist, and Horticulturalist.

Suzannah Hogan:

Topic: Aromatic medicine and Adrenal Fatigue – a holistic support for a 21 st Century condition.

Brief introduction on Adrenal Fatigue – causes/symptoms/systems affected.

The various stages of adrenal fatigue – key symptoms and things to look for as an AM practitioner.

Aromatic Medicine approaching each stage – oils and methodology to consider.

Using Aromatic Medicine to support medical and naturopathic treatment as the subject improves or declines. 

Suzannah Hogan has been using and studying aromatherapy for 25 years.

She has also studied biochemistry, cosmetic formulation, and finance/economics.

Founder of ANIA, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing organic aromatherapy skincare for the wellness market.

She is currently completing her Aromatic Medicine studies with Aminya and has had a long career in corporate finance.

Peta Day

Topic: The fire, its Aftermath and Where to from Here.

Peta & John Day grow and distil Australian essential oils on their plantation at Harvey south of Perth in Western Australia.

The oils are marketed under the. The Paperbark Co. label. The company specialises in High Grade Australian Sandalwood, as well as their two unique oils, Fragonia and Honey Myrtle.

The oils are sold in bulk as well as in a practitioner range. In addition, hydrosols are collected and are available from all distillations

Ashley Dowell BSc:Secretary/Treasurer of the Essential Oil Producers Association of Australia. EOPAA

Topic: Australian Essential Oils.

Ashley has been working in and around the essential oil industry for 21 years having started out as a chemist with Thursday Plantation in Ballina.

He is now the Manager of the Analytical Research Laboratories at Southern Cross University, Lismore. 

Fiona Glover Dip. Ed., B.A., Dip. Librarianship, Dip. Couns., Dip FASW.:

Topic: “ Lavender in Australia: from first plantings to present day”.

A historical look at the development of Lavender, illustrated with slides of a variety of flowering lavenders, harvesting and distillation of lavender flower heads for essential oil.

She will also talk about TALGA and its 21 years supporting members and the lavender industry in Australia. This talk will complement the trade display over the weekend which will showcase TALGA’s skincare range, “ The Scentimental Collection,” members’ lavender essential oil and lavender sachets.

Owner and founder of Creative Dried Flowers, supplying dried flowers around Australia, she also established a rose and lavender farm in Central West Victoria in 1994 as a source of supply.

Secretary of The Australian Lavender Growers Association since 2012. Keen interest in gardens and garden history along with aromatherapy, personal health and wellness.

Also a proud grandmother of four! - who keep her young!

Fiona Carr & Elizabeth Rea, Rayka Education Pty Ltd .

Topic: Clinical Aromatherapy and the Clinical Aromatherapist in Practice

Fiona Carr and Elizabeth Rea are the Directors of Rayka Education Pty Ltd. They are qualified Clinical Aromatherapists with approximately forty years’ experience in clinical practice and education between them who enjoy sharing their passion for essential oils and aromatherapy education. They frequently travel interstate and abroad to conferences and study in France, England and Ireland where they continue to develop their knowledge and skills. From their travels, they have established an international network of similarly passionate therapists, colleagues and friends.

At Rayka Education Pty Ltd, our courses and workshops educate and inform the student in all aspects of massage, essential oils, carrier oils and other mediums with their therapeutic properties. Our students develop research skills allowing them to treat a variety of conditions thus enabling them to develop an appropriate treatment plan and formulate preparations for the client. Our courses will also assist the student in communicating with their clients, obtaining pertinent and relevant information thereby establishing the foundations for a truly holistic treatment.

Rayka Education Pty Ltd is affiliated with the Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (RTO 40815) in Queensland and delivers government accredited training in aromatherapy, remedial massage and reflexology allowing you to become a qualified practitioner.

Caroline Ingraham:

Topic: The language of Smell; a new way of communicating with other species

Zoopharmacognosy (self-medication) is a behaviour that has been employed by animals since the dawn of time;

Applied Zoopharmacognosy allows your animal to select remedies as they would in the nature. Domestic and captive animals have the same self-medication abilities as their wild counter-parts.

They tend to select remedies, to bring them back to health, that contain the same or similar constituents to those found in their evolutionary history, such as essential oils, clays, algae, macerates and vegetable oils, seaweeds, minerals and other nutrients found in grasses and hedgerow remedies.

You may be surprised that behavioural problems such as separation anxiety are often resolved by working with essential oils that address physical problems. Sharing a common language via aromatics you can reach a new and exciting level of communication with your animal. 

Bo Hendgen:

TopicEssential Oils, what is safe for babies during pregnancy and after birth.

Consultant and natural health practitioner in Aromatic Medicine, Osteopathy and Naturopathy, founder and director of therapeutic plant oils company Absolute Essential Ltd. New Zealand. 

Joy Bowles ( PhD, BSc (Hons), Grad Cert Env Ed):

Topic: Case-study research project on Fragonia oil and premenstrual syndrome.

  • Bachelor of Science and Honours from Macquarie University, majoring in Cell Biology and Organic Chemistry.
  • Developed and presented lecture series and workshops in Chemistry of Essential Oils for Aromatherapists 1991-2002
  • Published author, "The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils" (2003, Allen & Unwin)
  • PhD, Southern Cross University 2003-2006, awarded 2007 investigating the potential for essential oils to improve cognitive function in dementia.
  • IELTS Officer, English Language Centre, UNE 2008-2010
  • Chronic Disease Program Manager, New England Division of General Practice, and now New England Medicare Local, 2011- 2015.
  • Research Assistant, Telehealth Skills Training and Implementation Evaluation project, with Dr Michelle Guppy, 2013-2015.

Dr. Andrew Pengelly PhD, AHG, FNHAA :

Topic: "Know your chemotypes: Chemotype occurrence in Australian essential oils and implications for therapeutics"

Dr. Pengelly was trained in botanical medicine, naturopathy, and homeopathy at the Southern Cross Herbal School, and plant biology and archaeology at the University of New England ( Australia). Adjunct Lecturer, Herbal Medicine Program Maryland University of Integrative Health, USA.

He established a herbal medicine practice for 18 years, and taught extensively at several herb schools in Australia and internationally, culminating in an appointment as program director of the Bachelor of Herbal Therapies at the University of Newcastle. For his research findings on ethnopharmacology of Australian plants he was awarded a PhD. He is author of the widely used text “The Constituents of Medicinal Plants”.

In 2009 Dr. Pengelly moved to the USA to take on a position with the (then) Tai Sophia Institute, now Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), where he served in the teaching faculty and director of the herb dispensary. In addition, he has been a regular visiting lecturer at the Georgetown University Medical School since 2011. In 2016 he returned to Australia where he has resumed his field botany, essential oil distillation and research into medicinal and aromatic plants at Southern Cross Farm in the lower Hunter Valley, while continuing to teach online for MUIH.

Dr. Pengelly is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, a fellow and full life member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia. He loves reading novels, listening to music (especially jazz and blues), gardening and hiking - always on the lookout for new and interesting plants. He is also the Director of Penett Botanicals

Rhiannon Lewis:

Topic : The sensory kaleidoscope in oncology and palliative care.

An experienced aromatherapist, educator, author and editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (, Rhiannon has a long standing and ongoing passion for plants, their extracts and their potentials for improving health and well being. Her background in health care (nursing), education and publishing has enabled her to effectively share her knowledge, experience and skills with professionals working in diverse clinical settings around the world. Rhiannon’s main goal is to demonstrate measurable improvements in health and quality of life using evidence-based, safe, effective aromatic interventions.

Jennifer Jefferies:

Topic : Building you Aromatherapy Business in Today's World

In Australia only 5% of natural therapists earn more than $50,000 per year. Sadly Aromatherapists make up a large percentage of that. In this session learn how Jen Jefferies took her Aromatherapy practice from working in a spare bedroom at home to being a global brand. In her no-nonsense way Jen will share the realities of building your Aromatherapy business and what's possible. 

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                    28th & 29th October 2017 8:45am to 5:00pm each day
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Rhiannon Lewis will be presenting workshops on the 30th October 2017:

Workshop Day 1:

Advanced formulations skills:

Strengthening the terrain system and immune system with aromatherapy

Caroline Ingraham will be presenting workshops on the 31st October 2017:

Workshop Day 2: 

The language of Smell; a new way of communicating with other species